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OPP PET+AL VMPET+PE Waterproof Lamination Film Pouch In Roll Labels

Shrink sleeves are particularly popular in the beverage industry, especially juices, energy drinks and alcoholic beverages, because they provide tamper-proof seals. For the same reason, they are also common in the packaging of medicines and health products.
At present, the use of shrink sleeves can also be seen in household detergents, soaps and detergents, because they can use new materials with high temperature, moisture and friction resistance.

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Product Description

OPP PET+AL VMPET+PE Waterproof Lamination Film Pouch In Roll Labels

Automatic packaging machine special film roll, product selection rigorous, price concessions, product support customization, welcome to sample processing, printing clear, quality assurance
The company specializes in the production of plastic bags of different shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Contact us to customize the style you want


Supplied by manufacturer and fast delivery.
Visual production, can know the production progress at any time.
Environmentally friendly Material.
Advanced equipment,premium printing quality and High transparency.

Why Choose Us ?

1. Over 10 base colored materials to choose between, and custom colorizing.
2. custom lamination structures available.
3. Rich experience: more than 20 years of production experience.
4. Advanced equipment: digital printing, gravure printing and screen printing.
5. All raw material are virgin grade, no recycled blends and approved for food contact.
6. Competitive printed pouch pricing, we control all aspects of printing and manufacturing.


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