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CPP Film

CPP film, also known as unstretched polypropylene film, can be divided into General CPP (General CPP, referred to as GCPP) film, aluminum plated CPP (Metalize CPP, referred to as MCPP) film and Retort CPP, respectively. Referred to as RCPP) film, etc.

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Product Description

CPP Film

CPP film uses:
1. (composite film) clothing, knitwear and flower bags; Film of documents and albums; Food packaging.
2. (aluminized film) barrier packaging and decoration of metallized film. After vacuum aluminization, it can be combined with BOPP, BOPA and other substrates and used for high-grade packaging of tea, fried crispy food, biscuits, etc.
3. (cooking film) CPP has excellent heat resistance. Since the softening point of PP is about 140℃, this kind of film can be used in hot filling, cooking bags, aseptic packaging and other fields.
Coupled with excellent acid, alkali and grease resistance, it becomes the preferred material in the field of bread product packaging or laminating materials.
It is safe in contact with food, has excellent presentation performance, does not affect the flavor of the internal food, and can choose different grades of resin to obtain the desired characteristics.
4. (functional film, also known as special film) potential uses also include: food packaging, candy packaging (twist film), pharmaceutical packaging (infusion bag), in the fields of albums, folders and documents instead of PVC, synthetic paper, self-adhesive tape, name card holders, circular folders and standing bag composite materials.
5. CPP new application markets, such as DVD and video box packaging, bread and pastry packaging, vegetables and fruits anti-fog film and flower packaging, as well as synthetic paper for labels.


Compared with LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PET, PVG and other films, the cost is lower and the yield is higher.
Higher stiffness than PE film.
Excellent moisture and odor barrier.
Versatile and can be used as a composite substrate membrane.
Can be metallized.
As food and commodity packaging and outer packaging, with excellent presentation, so that the product can still be clearly visible under the packaging.

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