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Three-side Sealing Mobile Phone Accessory Plastic Bag

Style: Three side seal type/Stand up zipper type/Side gusset type
Size: Customized or just inform us contain weight, we will recommend for you.
Thickness: Customized, normal 60 micron- 200micron
Sample: free sample, available

Product Description

Plastic Bag

Three-side Sealing Mobile Phone Accessory Plastic Bag is three-side seal type/Stand up zipper type/Side gusset type, material of PET/VMPET/PE; BOPP MATT/VMPET/PE; PET/AL/PE; BOPP/PET/AL/PE; BOPP MATT/PET/PE which is suitable for different packing requirements. The thickness of this bag can be customized. The flat bag packaging solution for retail product provides the most protection for your items and at the same time helps in store display.
3-side seal type, Stand up zipper type and Side gusset type plastic bags are available. Customized according to your requirement of thickness and material.
Three-side Sealing plastic bag is a common practice in many industries, such as electronics, medical devices and so on. Our company specialize in manufacturing plastic bags of three-side sealing or stand up zipper type with different shapes, size and thickness.
PP plastic bags are currently the most widely used material for packaging as well as food-grade and medical use products. The bag has good air strip, soft touch and high strength, which are widely used for many different industries. It is an ideal material for high grade shopping bags, grocery bags and other types of retail packaging bags.

Further Effect:

1. Tear/Notch; 2. Gold foil hot stamping; 3. Silver foil hot stamping; 4. Tin tie/Valve; 5. Window; 6. Holographic; 7. Glossy; 8. Matte.

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