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PE Shrink Film

PE Shrink Film normally used in packaging bottle water. When heat applied, film shrinks uniformly in all directions. They make a beautiful, tight, wrinkle-free package.

There are PVC shrink film, PE shrink film, POF shrink film, PET shrink film and OPS shrink film. PVC films are economical and are not approved for direct food contact.PE POF PET OPS shrink film are more environmental- friendly with high shrink ratio.

Product Description

PE Shrink Film

PE Shrink Film is one kind of packaging plastic material used for lots of industries. There are four types, tube, centre folded, single wound and bags. It makes our products look beautiful and help to protect goods moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-loose.

Normally PVC PET OPS Shrink Film used for printing bottle labels. POF PE shrink film used for packaging products.

Production deatail

Type: Single wound   Tube  Centre folded
Thickness: 30mic-200mic
Film Size customized for your own products
100% virgin raw material and crystal transparency.

Why Choose Us ?

Shrink Film manufacturing is one of the most complex processes in Film industry. That’s why you need to find an experienced manufacturer who can produce shrink film with suitable shrink ratio.
As China TOP Shrink Film Manufacturer, We have 20+ years experience of Film production, 8 Extrusion Lines and 6 Calender Lines. The Capacity is 1000 tons per month. Our products have passed a number of certifications. With our powerful production lines, we meant to be next level.


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