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Custom PVC/PET Sealed Film Shrink Sleeve For Cap With Printing

Shrink sleeve sealing film for cap is to prevent the cap from opening at will, and is widely used in daily chemical products. logo, size, material, thickness can be customized,we can make easy tear line, the application of 10 color high-speed printing machine, make the pattern more clear and beautiful, the selection of high-quality materials, good shrinkage performance, will not fade.

Product Description

Custom PVC/PET Sealed Film Shrink Sleeve For Cap With Printing

Shrink label/sleeve is a plastic shrink wrap that shrinks as you heat it, shielding your food’s presentation without the use of chemicals or glue.
Shrink sleeves provide customers with more design possibilities. They are full-body labels that can wrap the whole container, providing you with 360 degree brand and information display. It can easily improve the influence of your products.
Our shrink labels/sleeves are made of high quality shrink films for excellent performance. Compared with the traditional label, the pattern is clear and beautiful, the shrinkage performance is good, and the product can be intuitively displayed, and the package is tight and not easy to fall off.
Custom packaging is our specialty.  we also offer a full range of packaging options. Our shrink packaging service is to make your products more beautiful, sealed to prevent random opening.



Supplied by manufacturer and fast delivery.
Visual production, can know the production progress at any time.
Environmentally friendly  Material.
Advanced equipment,premium printing quality and High transparency.

Why Choose Us ?

Shrink sleeves manufacturing is one of the most complex processes in labeling industry. That’s why you need to find an experienced manufacturer who can produce shrink sleeves for various container shapes.
We offer a range of powerful label design and printing capabilities, including the design and printing of shrink sleeves for various purposes. We will select suitable shrinkage material for your container shape and modify your graphics to prevent shrinkage deformation during preloading. With our powerful printing function, we can meet any design customization.

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